About Us

  • Travelling Critters started out in 1995 when Owner/Operator and animal lover Elise Johnston brought some farm animals out to her daughter’s kindergarten class. Immediately, she knew this was her calling. The Travelling Barnyard was founded shortly afterwards, and started travelling to schools, daycares, and birthday parties, educating and exposing children and adults to animals. A few years later, the program focus migrated from small barnyard animals to exotic critters of all sorts!

    We have now been successfully providing memories, fun, and education for children and adults for over 18 years. Travelling Critters is a family owned and operated business, and all of our staff members are animal lovers and owners. We are excited to announce that we are expanding our programs and going back to our roots! We are bringing back the Travelling Barnyard in addition to the original Travelling Critters, to ensure we can cater to all events, age groups, and interest levels!

    First and foremost, animals are our passion and our pets always receive the best of care. We have been featured on Breakfast Television and Rogers TV, and our animals have also been featured in music videos and on children’s television programs! We truly have a passion for what we do, and hope that we can provide all clients with current education and exposure to animals for many years to come!

    Invite the Travelling Critters or the Travelling Barnyard to your next event, and see what everyone is talking about!

    About the Animals!

    All of the animals that come out to you receive the best of care. They are given everything they need, from the best food, housing, medical attention, to a whole lot of love.

    All of the animals are chosen for personality, unique traits and how well they interact with people, especially children.

    The animals are treated with respect and are rotated on a regular basis. All of our animals ARE our pets and we are sure you will see what a difference this can make when you meet them!

    We feature many small exotic animals and are excited to announce that we now also have a wide variety of miniature barnyard animals, and in 2014 we will be adding our bug show as well as an amphibian show and a bird show – no matter what the event, we are sure to have the animals you are looking for!

    All of our birds, reptiles and mammals are born in captivity, nothing is taken from the wild. None are endangered species or indiginioius to Canada. We also do not keep extra large mammals or reptiles due to the safety of our staff, family and other animals. And because we are animal lovers and do not believe such animals should be in travelling shows or kept as pets.  It is just too hard to provide for their mental and physical needs in a captive environment especially in our climate. These animals require large habitat`s, that even on our 10 acre farm we could not give to them. And most become quit dangerous as they reach adulthood. If we cannot keep an animal as an adult we will not purchase it. We also like to teach the children that as well.

    A family pet should be a decision everyone in your household agrees to. It should be researched thoroughly before ever purchasing and it should be an animal you can accommodate as it grows larger and their temperments change. Please check your local bi-laws when purchasing an animal to make sure you are allowed to have it in your town. We are also very happy to answer any questions about pets that you are considering adding into your family. Always ask yourself and your children, why do you want a pet? What do you want from your pet? Never buy an animal because it is cute or cool! Buy it because it is the right animal for your whole family and always have the intention that it will be it`s forever home, animals should never be disposible. And please do not take animals from the wild ever! Or release pets into the wild. This is not only dangerous to the animal you are releasing but also to our indiginious species as well. And it is also illegal and if caught it comes with very large fines as well. So be kind to animals it makes the world a much better place for everyone!