Afterschool & Child Care Programs

  • The Travelling Critters created an educational program that is so much fun, children don’t even realize they are learning! We offer Hands-On or Visual progras your choice, which cater to all ages from infant rooms to school-aged groups. Our program information is based on the age of the children so that they can learn at their own level. We also provide animal themed programs such as furry, slimy, creepy crawlies, or barn animals. Programs can be done in the classroom or outside, weather permitting. If you want to create a unique experience for your daycare or after school program, have the Travelling Critters visit to create memories that will last a lifetime!

    We can also do custom programs such as rainforest animals, desert animals ect. Just ask and we will do our best to work with you for your themes.   All of our animals are extremely gentle and presented in a way that helps children not to be frightened. We love what we do, and we really enjoy sharing our animals with the children and teaching them at their level.

    We pride our self on our safety record, we have never had a child or animal hurt in all of our 18 +years during any presentation.   Safety for our animals and children it extremely important to us.

    We now offer several different programs listed below: But again we can work with you to customize a program for you.



    Cuddly (soft furry animals)

    Creepy (bugs)

    Slimy (amphibians)

    Creepy and Slimy combined

    Scaley (reptiles)

    Critters a mix of 12 different animals from all the choices above except barnyard animals. ( chickens and pigeons may be added) This is our most popular show.


    25 children and under: prices start at $170 depending on your area.

    Each additional group is $40

    Plus hst.

    Length of presentation depends on group sizes and ages.

    You can discuss this when booking to see what works best for your Center.

    We also now offer a Special Rate when booking 4 dates in one year.

    Book more save more!

    Book 4 different days at any day during the year provided we have availability and get $40 off of your first class if you are doing more then one class you will receive an additional $10 off of your second group and third  ect. All 4 dates need to be given at the time of the first booking. If you need to change the date later for any reason you are welcome to but please give lots of notice. Payment is made the day of the presentation you do not have to pay in advance. There is an extra cost if you wish the farm program just inquire.

    Birthday Parties

    Also we are now offering Bonus Points: If a child from your Center books a birthday party after our visit you will receive a coupon for $10 off of your next visit. You can collect up to $40.This offer cannot be combined with any other discounted programs or coupons.

    Win a Presentation

    Also keep checking out our Facebook and News Page we will be having contests to win free parties, workshops, merchandise and discounts during the year.

    Permitted Animals for Toronto Licenced Childcares

    We offer programs for childcares with preschoolers with permitted animals by the health department guidelines.

    These animals allowed include:

    – Luna ­ chihuahua
    – Thor­ ragdoll cat­ hypoallergenic
    – Hamsters
    – Fancy rats
    – Naked rats or dwarfs
    – A variety of fancy guinea pigs and skinny pigs
    – Lion head rabbits
    – Umbrella Cockatoo ­ Jacks
    – A variety of non­ venomous bugs

    You still receive 12 animals for your visits as usual.

    Dog and cat are up to date on shots and do not receive a raw diet.